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Introducing Pascal Stingl

Nice that you want to know more about me, I’m Pascal, amateur photographer from Switzerland. I was born and raised in northern Germany. Like many others i learned the photography basics at school. But our teacher was not able too ignite the flaming passion i feel today. Five Years ago i picket my first digital camera, a 10MP, 50$, compact camera with no additional features.   Since this moment I was fascinated by the world of the colored pixels. There are not many days i left my home without my camera bag, always looking for new motives . I got no favourite motive or shooting style. If i must describe what my pictures look like, the answer would be: clear pictures with just a tiny space for an additional interpretations. Using a few web forums I stumbled into the wonderful world of manual lenses.Today i use almost exclusively traditional lenses without autofocus, most of them are fixed focal length lenses. Through this I forced me to deal more with my pictures, the additional time i need in process is a huge benefit for the quality of my pictures . If time permits I’m spreading the knowledge of the wonderful lenses on various forums and my blog.

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