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Happy New Year & Welcome!

The 2011 Photo Odyssey – A Year in Pictures

    So what’s all this fuzz about?

The Photo Odyssey Team has set themselves a high goal: Starting TODAY we will be posting at least one new picture a day throughout the entire year. Everyone is free to post whatever they’ve shot on the day, as long as it was photographed on the day of posting and is in some way artistic.

    What it will bring for the (hopefully day-to-day-checking) audience:

You’re invited to join us here, following our Journey through our lives, our passion and through everything we’re seeing.
The audience will see our continuity, our progress in making “art” and hopefully will learn out of our failures, our achievments and just have fun looking and talking about our pictures. Of course everyone is invited to leave comments (constructive criticism is always welcomed!), either trough the comment section in each post or through our facebook page!

    Next thing we’re presenting is the Team and with that our represantatives for each country:

Jorge Toro for Mexico

Tomasz Michalski for Poland

Pascal Stingl for Switzerland

Moritz Schwertner for Germany

Manu Schwingel for Egypt

and John Behrends for the United States of America

Each Member will present themselves in the next days or weeks as they see fit. Every Bio will then be saved in our Menue Bar for further Information.

Of course this project will move on through the days, and we’re planning a whole lot of things while you’re reading this. More Info about this will come soon and will be posted seperately, so stay tuned!

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