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King Tsang Tsou-Choi was the number one Wonder of colonial Hong Kong. Even during its time as a British colony, Hong Kong was bizarrely ruled partially by His Majesty, until some time after the 1997 handover.

The King claimed the rule the whole peninsula of Kowloon, regardless of whatever treaties bound the sovereignty of Hong Kong between the British and the late Qing governments. Tsang issued his royal patents and decrees with his black ink and brushes on lampposts and walls. Some called it graffiti and the King kept toddling across the streets in Hong Kong to make sure his messages were known to the public.

Tsang would have been arrested and got into big troubles had he been living in ancient times, but he had been left roaming as a free calligraphy artist in the streets proclaiming the territories of his empire as vastly as he wished

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