Moritz Schwertner – “Zoom Erlebniswelt”

A one day expedition trough Asia, Africa and Alaska not only sounds impressive, but also completely impossible. It certainly is a fact that no human can travel that fast from one extreme to another, especially when considering that this would imply to see every country in one day. The “Zoom Erlebniswelt” in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, indeed promises to take you to those three very different territories in just one day, in just one country.

Since March 2010, with the completion of the “Asia district” this is indeed possible, without the need of travelling at the speed of light and thus delivering an experience that is indeed very different from the vast majority of Zoos, Parks and other facilities all over europe.

With a massive 30 hectare area (a total of roughly 45 soccer fields), more than 700 animals varying in 100 different species, many different shows, a Trope Paradies and much more the “Zoom Erlebniswelt” is one of the biggest Zoos in europe.

Main attractions are Timberwolfs, Mooses, racoons, Icebears, Snow Owls, California Sea Lions; only to name a few from the 6 hectare Alaska district.

For Photo Odyssey,

Moritz Schwertner (Bochum, Germany)

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