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The Journey continues…

2011 is now officially over and we’re heading for a great new year with our brand new Project called “Photo Odyssey 2012 – A Year in Pictures” – the follow up to this site! Be sure not to miss anything regarding this and check out … Read More

Don't be such a pinhead

“Guest Photographer” – Day Three by Laura Drost

“Don’t be such a Pinhead!” - Laura Drost -


“Guest Photographer” – Day Four by Alan NG

“Untitled” - Alan NG -


“Guest Photographer” – Day Three by Laura Drost

“Beauty in the Broken” - Laura Drost -


“Guest Photographer” – Day Three by Alan NG

“Untitled” - Alan NG -


“Guest Photographer” – Day Two by Laura Drost

“Untitled” - Laura Drost - I shot this photograph from the RTD train (public transportation) in Denver, CO. The tracks for the light rail run beside the train yard. The graffiti is referring to the “Occupy” movement that has been spreading globally.


“Guest Photographer” – Day Two by Alan NG

“Season for photography” “mini photo exhibition in HK” - Alan NG -


“Guest Photographer” – Day One by Laura Drost

“Untitled” - Laura Drost -


“Guest Photographer” – Day One by Alan NG

“Untitled” - Alan NG -


“Guest Photographer” – Day Seventeen by Paul Monaghan

“A new Paul” - Paul Monaghan - Sadly my short time here on Photo Odyssey 2011 has come to an end, so I decided what better way to end my journey than to make my last image here be of someone that is just starting … Read More

Self-portrait 10.3.2011

Introducing “Guest Photographers” – Part IX

The 2011 Photo Odyssey Team is proud to announce their eleventh and twelth Guest Photographer who’ll be starting on November 1st 2011. Laura Drost, an american Student will star along with chinese Photographer Alan NG. You can find out more about them via the Guests … Read More


“Guest Photographer” – Day Sixteen by Paul Monaghan

“Business Men” - Paul Monaghan - Not my normal type of shot.. but  I had the pleasure of photographing a night in the o2 ABC in Glasow and I just found these guys funny