March 2011 – “Shoes”

Our first ever Challenge on this site will be about something we’re wearing every day and, especially women, have a bunch from: “Shoes”, or as internally handled “The Al Bundy Challenge”.

Starting today on March 1st and ending on March 31st, we have now roughly 31 Days to accomplish that goal and shoot something within this Theme. It will be highly interesting to see what exactly comes out of it, considering everyone looks at things differently and especially works out Photographs in a totally different manner!

Challenge Entries so far (last updated March 31th 2011)

these shoes are made for walking...

“Challenge Entry Nr. 1 – Untitled”
- Manu Schwingel -

“Challenge Entry Nr. 2 – Untitled”
- Manu Schwingel -

Al Capone

“Challenge Entry Nr. 3 – Al Capone”
- Manu Schwingel -

“Challenge Entry Nr. 4 – Untitled”
- Manu Schwingel -

walk of life...

“Challenge Entry Nr. 5 – Untitled”
- Manu Schwingel -

“Challenge Entry Nr. 6 – Untitled”
- Tomasz Michalski -

“Challenge Entry Nr. 7 – Every step offers a new experience”
- Pascal Stingl -

“Challenge Entry Nr. 8 – Unfitting Duo”
- John Behrends -

“Challenge Entry Nr. 9 – Size 22″
- Moritz Schwertner -

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