Dora Hon (April 2011)

Name: Dora Hon
Age: Not to young and yet not too old
From: Hong Kong, China
Gear: Pentax K-5, Pentax lenses
Favorite picture style: I’m still trying to find one.

Hi everyone! Warm greetings from Hong Kong if you’re reading my profile which means you want to know something more about me!

This is Dora, who is not yet a professional photographer but hoping someday can be one! I’m currently working in the hospitality industry, an advantage of working in an international brand enables me to travel and accommodate in lots of different countries, of course meaning that I can travel more often and shoot more often! I love to shoot and my camera is always being placed in my handbag all the time (It isn’t heavy, it’s my camera). My favorite object to shoot is about food because I enjoy having great food a lot. That’s why I’m always saying: I want to be a ‘Foodtographer’ someday!

I love to shoot since I can afford to buy a camera! I used film cameras before, can’t recall all the models of my film cameras! I can only tell that I used Fujifilm cameras, Holger, Lomo & Olympus before! As for DSLR, my first one is a Pentax K-x, I named her as Caramel. Caramel and I went to different countries to shoot: Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia & China. Just upgraded my camera to another Pentax, K-5 and I named her as Cinnamon. Cinnamon and I just went to Taiwan in March 2011 for a shooting trip and I’m still planning for another destination for her!

Hope you like my photos and if you want to contact me, you can write to:

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