Jack Wolberg (July 2011)

What is Home?
Jack, who’s art is under “J.Wolberg”, is an experimental visual artist of different sorts living in Denver, CO.
Jack was introduced to photography when his passion for painting walls ended him in cuffs. His parents gave him his first camera, a Canon point-and-shoot, and told him to be less destructive with his artwork.
He often still photographs the urban scene, but never limits himself to a single genre of art. His goal is to create newness and redefine the cliché. “Before money was involved, art was a pure form. Now photographers have to make the moral choice between shooting what they want and feel, or what they know will get them a paycheck. It’s a fine line, and it is possible to shoot both, but I feel money hasn’t done much more but taint the art world. Art is supposed to be a self expression, a therapy, a release. One cannot accomplish this when they’ve made it more of a chore and a job than the joy it’s meant to bring.”
On top of photography, Jack paints and sketches mid scale pieces. “These are for the people I love.” Each piece takes two to three months and is never for sale. Each one has its own home, the warm heart it was created for. He gives away the originals. “It’s been brought to my attention that I can duplicate canvas work through a specialized printing service….perhaps one day I’ll utilize that…for now, I stick to my tradition of giving away the originals. It’s significantly more personal, it’s more valuable to the recipient, and my work is in a constant state of movement so tomorrow’s work will always be better than today’s…progressive…newness…”
Jack has studied at the Art Institute of Colorado and is currently attending Metropolitan State for photojournalism. He’s had the honor of working and studying under names such as Angela Faris Belt, Tom Moore, and Kenn Bisio.
He has traveled most of his life and won’t be stopping anytime soon. “It’s in my blood. I’ve got a constant itch to run and document all the exciting journeys my camera takes me through.”

I’m constantly looking to meet cool people and art lovers. If you consider yourself one or both, chat me up – Jwolbergphoto@gmail.com