Mundo Buentello (May 2011)

Name: Mundo Buentello
From: Sturgis, Michigan
Gear: Pentax K-5, Pentax lenses
Favorite picture style: Surreal


Pentax K10D / K20D / K-5

Pentax 14mm DA
Pentax 35mm macro DA
Pentax 55mm DA*
Pentax 50-135mm DA*
Carl Zeiss 35mm
Carl Zeiss 85mm
Carl Zeiss 100mm


I am fairly new to photography compared to other photographers that I
know. I have been into it for about 4 years now. I started out with
a Pentax K10D and it just sat on the shelf for a year only using it
once in a while. It all changed when I took a trip to the mountains
in Mexico. Though I didn’t know how to use it outside green mode I
really enjoyed it and upon returning home I switched my major to
I am majoring in photography at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online
Division. I have learned a lot but I feel that it’s the History
classes that have really been an influence on me. Learning about
great artists and great photographers has been a huge inspiration for
me. I like the fine art photographers the most and have a good sized
list of the ones I like to say have an influence on me. Though I also
try to pick some up from some of my favorite artists.
I am now hooked to my camera, having gone through the K20D and now
have the K-5. I like to make surreal looking photographs usually
shooting wide open or near it, but it depends on what lens I am using
and on the subject. I like setting my camera to manual focus even
when I’m using auto focus lenses. I feel it gives me more control.