Paul Monaghan (October 2011)

Name: Paul Monaghan
Age: 32
Gear: Pentax K5, Samsung GX10, Panasonic GF1. Bunch of Pentax lenses for all camera’s and around seven strobes
Country: Scotland

I’m a self taught photographer from Scotland, still in Scotland and have been all my life.. I used to work in the music industry setting up concerts in and around Glasgow and in my spare time play games on what ever platform they were on.

I was never that into photography, in fact It was breaking away from an addiction I had (world of Warcraft) when I suddenly found I had so much time on my hands I bought my first camera.. A Panasonic FZ8 (super zoom bridge) as it looked like a cool gadget and I found out I loved photography after playing around with it.

Since then I have experimented, bought new gear.. experimented more. I still haven’t found out what my style or true thing I love to photograph is.. I just enjoy taking photos in general but I do love strobe lighting wither it be still life or otherwise.

I know that I still have a long journey ahead of me with the art of creating and capturing moments but I feel privileged to be able to share some of my journey with you all here on Photo Odyssey and I hope that you enjoy what I do.

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