Mohammad Reza Milani (June 2011)

Name: Mohammad Reza Milani
Age: 27
From: Tehran / Iran
Gear: Pentax DSLR´s + Old and new lenses
Favourite Picture Style : I’m not sure yet!

My name is Reza. I was born in Tehran (1983). My father was an amateur photographer and I was usually playing with his gears. My professional photography start at the first year of Architecture Mastering university in 2002 with a Pentax superA SLR shooting historical buildings,it’s continued with negative photography for 5 years and then move to digital. I started digital photography with long exposure and I am doing portrait and industrial photography now. I love photography but can`t tell you why! I travel a lot around my country just for watching and shooting.

Thanks you for reading my biography.
Please feel free to ask me any question.

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