Suzi Bowes (September 2011)

Name: Suzi Bowes
Age: 39
From: Brisbane, Queensland (Australia)
Gear: Canon 7D, Canon 1000D, Canon 18 – 200 , Tokina 11-16, (trying to get my boyfriend’s 60mm macro at the moment)

Hi I’m Suzi and I love photography.
I am not a professional photographer, I am predominantly a self-taught photographer, learning a lot through likeminded friends, research and a lot of trial and error.

I started my Business “Dream Wild Studios” in 2009, after being strongly urged by friends to do portraits. This adventure has worked well for me as I needed an income while studying.
I have challenged myself now a few times in landscapes, with very positive results having sold my landscape prints both interstate and internationally.

Although I’m fond of Landscapes I always like challenging myself by trying new styles and techniques.
Whatever the subject is I need to feel an emotion, a connection to the subject or it’s not going to work for me.

I having recently completed my Diploma of Graphic Design at MSIT Mount Gravatt in July 2011 and have been working freelance as both graphic designer and photographer.
I’m currently looking at starting another branch to the business in the near future.

Some favourite advice:

- It’s not about the gear you own, it’s about what you do with the gear.
- Don’t try to please others with your photography, please yourself and it will show.