Tamara Koch (September 2011)

Name: Tamara Koch
Age: Born in September 1976
Gear: Sony Alpha 300 and Sony Alpha 550 + a diverse collection of lenses
Country: The Netherlands

I was born in The Netherlands but was raised in South Africa. I remained an only child to my Dutch mother and German father. When I was a young teen we moved back to NL where I still live today.

When I was eleven years old I slaved away an entire summer saving every penny for my first camera. In the Autumn of ‘87 I fell in love with my first Canon and I have been pressing down on the shutter ever since.
I look back on the days of analogue photography with mixed feelings though. On the one hand I have to admit that there was something special about not knowing what you had managed to capture on film straight away. Pressing down on the shutter was something you did with caution. Simply snapping away could cost you dearly seeing as returning to the same place and circumstance wasn’t always possible. If you missed the opportunity to capture that special shot you simply missed it.
And that right there is something I don’t miss. I like knowing the results of my efforts straight away and don’t regret buying my first DSLR in 2004. It really is a different way of shooting.

I was diagnosed with a progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis in 2003. An illness that has bound me to a wheelchair. Photography has therefore become a bit of a challenge but I think it’s true to say that I have grown to love it even more. I truly can’t imagine my life without hearing the sound of that click. I’d like to believe that there is no end to the road we travel as shutterbugs so I will keep shooting, forever searching to find that one special image.

I hope you will enjoy my work.