John Behrends – USA

Name: John Behrends
From: United States Of America
Gear: Pentax DSLR and Pentax Medium Format
Common: Landscape Photography

Hello everyone, my name is John Behrends and I live in the state of Oregon in the United States of America. My main photographic pursuit is landscape photography and nature, but I will be expanding my horizons in the coming months. I started back in photography back in 1978 and have had this on again off again love affair all these years! My gear of choice is Pentax both digital and medium format film (remember film ?). As many have said before me, it is not the camera but the photographer, which to a certain extent is true, the gear also helps! I hope you enjoy our photo site and feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

To contact me you can use this e-mail adress:

My Portfolio can be found here:

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