Manu Schwingel – Egypt

Name: Manu Schwingel
Age: 35
From: Germany / Egypt
Gear: Canon DSLR´s
Favourite Picture Style: “S/W-Streetlife”, “Portrait”, “Sports”

In 1976, Manu Schwingel was born in beautiful Bavaria, Germany.

During adolescence he developed a passion for photography. The camera
has been his constant companion ever since.

After serving an apprenticeship in business economics and tourism in 2000,
he worked several years in Switzerland and Egypt.
Further stops in England, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia followed.
The warmer parts of the world soon attracted the ambitious photographer – not just because of the climate.

In 2008, Manu returned to Egypt, where he decided to make a profession out of his hobby.
As a self-employed photo- & videographer he is now working at the red sea and on request in Cairo and Luxor.

Since Manu learned scuba diving in 1995, the world under water has not been save from his camera.

Manu´s philosophy about his work:
“Photos are more than pictures – they are unique moments of life. Who would not want to keep them forever?”

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